Jamie's Mod

Release: February 16th, 2013

After Black Mesa plummeted into the ground 200 years after 'the incident', it was brought back to life by a group of mysterious Blue-Headed men; all named "Jamie". Jamie and all of his friends now work at the lab, and ironically enough the same exact thing that happened 200 years ago happens again. Even with Gordon Freeman brought back from the dead.

Jamie's Mod started development in the winter of 2012. What began as wacky in-game audio & model replacements quickly devolved into absolute madness. This vulgar, ear-piercing, copyright-infringing romp is best described as "sensory overload." Thousands of downloads later, Jamie's Mod has left a permanant blemish on the face of the games industry as we know it.

DISCLAIMER: Jamie's Mod was developed for GoldSrc as it was in 2012/2013. Valve continually updates Half-Life, Counter-Strike and other older GoldSrc titles with patches and engine fixes, some of which COULD interfere with the assets/maps of Jamie's Mod. TLDR; your mileage may vary. And turn your volume down.

Download via the buttons below:

v1.0 - Full Release

Jamie's Mod: Full Release v1.0

v1.1 - Patch

Jamie's Mod: Patch v1.1

Half-Life on Steam, installed
300 MB free on hard disk


Windows XP/7/10

macOS 10.9 - 10.14

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or newer